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Top 11 Red Hair Shades For Your Skin Tone

Are you planning to choose the luxurious red hair color? You should have chosen your skin tone. Selecting the most suitable red hair color would look good on you. You might have seen any red hair actress for inspiration; she must have gone through the process. Skin tones are of three types: cool, warm, and neutral, and there is an option of mixing shades with red shade to achieve the best shade of red. Let’s get into the blog to know red hair shades for your skin tones.

Stunning Red Hair Color Shades to Try Right Now

 1. Rosy Copper

Nothing will work more than this copper shade if you have a peachy undertone. You can get the rose undertone to finish the look. People who are about to add some reddish vibes to locks then they should mix the rose or pink shade with red color. Red hair can balance out the way to go with your skin. It will look good on you. 

2. Orange Red

Nowadays, everyone prefers orange-red, which is definitely the most desirable and effortless shade of red hair we have ever seen. Girls with pale skin tones can get an authentic look by mixing pure red hair shade with bright orange to achieve this beautiful shade. 

3. Dark Auburn

Girls with golden or bisque complexion or blue, hazel or brown eyes should try this dark red color. This is considered a perfect blend of rich brown and golden red. If you haven’t tried this yet, you must try any event. 

4. Peach Cobbler

Undertone girls should go with peach cobbler because nowadays, everyone in LA would see this trend. It will look like classic copper and have soft golden and peachy tones. Light complexion with a peachy undertone should also try this, and trust me; this one will be the shade for so many years from now onwards. 

5. Coral Copper

The light-reflecting shade of red hair with coral tone gives a classic appearance and transforms the appearance as well. Copper hues will suit those who have warm and medium skin tones. However, it will give an orange-ish tone that perfectly matches the warm skin tone. 

6. Light Copper

Light copper shade is for those with pale or extremely light skin tones. If you have pale hazel, blue, or green eye colors, then go for it because this type of golden hue regulates the appearance and builds the perfect balance. 

7. Pumpkin Spice

Pumpkin spice is another beautiful shade of red, and this color is a perfect mix of blonde, brunette, and reddish hues. It’s perfect for a natural skin tone, so always choose the deepest shade of blonde and finish the look with a transparent layer of red to get the pumpkin-inspired look. 

8. Red Velvet

The deep red would go well if you have an olive or dark complexion because it is perfect for ladies with emerald green, icy blue, or brown eyes. Most ladies choose red velvet these days and ideally opt for this shade to transform the look. 

9. Glistening Auburn

Auburn has different shades, and this one combines warm red and deep brunette hair colors. You can have this shade by adding a light red tint over the brunette base. This one is the best for fair complexions. 

10. Extreme Peach

Peachy color ideas give a soft and subtle look but mostly go the opposite, so while using these shades in contrast, you need to think once. Extreme peaches will give a dramatic shade that will suit any complexion. To get extreme peach, use red Ombre for a seamless blend with roots. 

11. Hidden Blue

The right color technique is essential to achieve any shade, and if you want to get this hidden blue shade, steaks of cold and deep color will put you in the spotlight. Mix out the blue and red to get a single stunning shade. 

Final Thoughts

These are the beautiful red hair shades as per your skin tone. You can get the perfect shade of red with the right mix and match to stand out in the crowd.